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This category honours and celebrates the commercial giants of the region.

We are looking for businesses operating on a vast scale, showing signs of expansion in all markets.

Judges are keen to see examples of research, innovation and long-term growth plans.

In particular we want to hear about your story, about how you have grown your business and how 2018/19 was a key year for you.

This award is focused on the mid-tier firms which power the local economy. It celebrates those who have made good investment and strategic plans. 

We want to see examples of research, innovation and job creation.

Judges are looking for a story from entrants about how they grew from being a small firm to where they are now, and what their plans are for the future. 

This award celebrates the large firms of the future. We are looking for examples of rapid and sustainable growth, underpinned by product and service innovation. Job creation and future plans are essential in this application, as is the story of how you created and grew your business.

This award is designed to shine a spotlight on the firms which are setting new standards and reshaping the corporate landscape. We want to see genuinely original and challenging ideas and how they were implemented to take the business forward. Details of how your firm innovated as well as how it is changing your sector and challenging your competitors are what judges want to see. 

The foundation stone of Yorkshire’s economy and home to thousands of jobs. We want clear examples of innovative products and methods which are keeping the region’s heritage in this area alive while at the same time setting it up for a brighter tomorrow. Training, development and the targeting of new markets and customers will catch the eye of judges. 

The winner of this category will have harnessed new technologies to give their firm the edge over the rest. We are looking for leaders, not followers, who have innovated their systems, products and procedures in their business. Judges will want to see clear examples of how entrants are reshaping their sector and the economy.

Judges want to see examples of how companies are creating as diverse a workforce as possible, covering everything from economic background, ethnicity, gender and age. We are looking here for the firm that really cares about all areas of their local community and is helping to represent that in its workforce.

We are searching for the development that truly stood out in 2018/19. This can be anything from logistics to office space to retail. What we want is something special, from its architecture to its functionality to sustainability.

Job creation, innovation and ambition are what judges want to see.

Seeking to celebrate the firms which truly give back to their community. We want outstanding examples of Corporate and Social Responsibility and genuine tangible examples of those who have made a real and lasting difference in their area.

We want to honour the boss who really stood out this year. Judges want examples of people who made a difference to their business, its staff and its customers. Examples of how the entrant inspired others and supported them are what we need.Above all you need to set out a vision and brought staff along with it to make it a success.

This award celebrates the employers who truly value and reward their staff, nurturing a culture that allows all employees to play a role in moving the company forward.

The winner of this award is really helping to drive the export-led firm. The winner might have moved into overseas markets before the competition, and have acquired a detailed understanding of the nuances of each market. We want examples of new markets, expansion in existing ones and plans for the future.

The winner of this award has placed apprenticeships at the heart of its growth plans. They are turning the apprentices of today into the captains of industry of tomorrow

We want examples of the effectiveness of your programme and how you are bringing people into the world of work.

This award honours a rare individual who inspires others to greatness and isn’t scared to take risks in pursuit of reward. They are leaders in their field, who are also respected by their local community.

A new category focusing on rapidly growing businesses in our region. Celebrating the success of small businesses with big ambitions who are using innovation to the best effect to drive their business and/or industry forward